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Oliver Creevy

Oliver Creevy

Ollie has been writing content in the home improvement sector for over 3 years and over the last 18 months has really specialised in Government grants, researching the different funding available to UK citizens. Ollie is well placed to provide households with access to the right advice when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your home. With knowledge of the various grant schemes past and present, including Boiler Upgrade Scheme, ECO4, LAD Scheme, Green Homes Grant and more, his knowledge will be invaluable to those looking for ways to reduce their energy bills and reduce their carbon footprint through eco home improvement measures such as solar panels, insulation & heat pumps.

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Oliver Creevy

What is the LAD Scheme?

In 2020, the government introduced the £2 billion Green Homes Grant to upgrade properties across the UK with energy efficient improvements that will save money

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