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The easiest way to make huge savings on your energy bills is through home insulation.

Insulation has been featured on:

Insulation has been featured on:

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Best time to get insulation is now

We’ll run a FREE Insulation assessment on your home. If it’s wasting more than 35% energy then typically you’ll save £100s per month on your Energy Bills.

We will provide you with a free quote and savings calculation. By investing around £50 per month towards the cost of insulation, you could reduce your energy bills by as a much as 50%.

If you are sick of waiting for government grants, but never seem to qualify, we can help you get the insulation you need that will drastically reduce your bills.

The average household pays around £256 per month on energy bills, with improved Home Insulation typically this can be reduced to £148. This could save you more than £10,000 over a 10 year periods.

What Energy Bills Savings Can Insulation Bring You?

Annual savings that could result from installing different types of insulation in your home…

Property typeCavity wall Solid wallSolid floorRoof/loft
Mid terrace£180£245£50£230
Mid-floor flat£145£195N/AN/A

Source: Energy Saving Trust (based on fuel prices as of April 2022) 

The Most Popular Insulation Material

Spray Foam insulation products are taking over the market as the most popular and commonly used insulation material.

In recent years, technological advancements have made spray foam a far superior insulation product to traditional fibreglass and cellulose.

You could increase the thermal efficiency of your home today with new spray foam insulation, keeping you warm throughout Winter and cool throughout Summer.

Spray Foam Insulation was developed in the UK over the last 30 years and is a revolutionary insulation method that has over 400,000 installs to date. Spray Foam Insulation is now in over 40 countries and is considered to be the future of insulation due to its airtightness qualities.

We are now one of the UK’s largest installer of Spray Foam Insulation. We are BBA, STROMA, TRUSTMARK, KIWA BDA and NIA approved installers.

Millions are missing out by not having their home properly insulated

It really is that simple. In many cases, insulation can be installed in just a few hours so you can start to enjoy the benefits immediately and the large savings in the longer-term.



Don’t be one of the millions missing out on savings through insulation 

How home insulation will work for you

Reduced energy consumption

Insulation will reduce heat loss in the home reducing your demand for heating.

Bill Savings

A better insulated home means significant savings on your heating bills.

Carbon footprint reduction

Be a greener household by reducing the environmental impact of your household.

Why Are Households Installing Insulation

There has never been a better time to take advantage of insulation funding grants 

Uninsulated homes experience significant and costly heat loss

With rising energy costs, insulation can be the easiest way to reduce your bills

Did you know…

Around two-thirds of UK homes, or 19 million, need better insulation and have an Energy Performance ranking with a rating of ‘D’ or below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insulation helps retain the heat in a property that would otherwise transfer from your living space to outside. Fitting effective insulation, most typically in a roof space or cavity walls, will help slow down the transfer of heat and keep your house warmer for longer.

Modern insulation is highly effective at retaining heat and is a must for households that have never had insulation or are poorly insulated.

Good quality insulation in your home will help you keep the desired temperature in your property all year round, meaning it will be protected from the cold in the winter and from excess heat in the summer.

A house that is well-insulated is normally very energy efficient and will require very little extra heating and cooling. Insulation can also be beneficial in reducing noise pollution which is especially useful to those who live in busy urban areas.Insulation is a great way to increase your energy efficiency and help you save significantly on your energy bills.

If you live in a property that takes a long time to heat up, or always feels cold, there’s a good chance you could benefit from insulation. Normally, more modern properties are built to very good insulation standards, but older homes in the UK could benefit from some insulation work.

In the latter case, there are likely a range of options to improve the energy efficiency in your home. When it is too cold, heat can be lost in all directions, so you should consider integral insulation to keep the heat within your house. Older properties, especially those with cavity walls that have never been filled, would benefit from insulation, and they could also be suitable for loft insulation or even floor insulation.

The exact amount of money you will save by getting insulation in your home can depend on various factors including the type of insulation and the size of your property. With around 25% of heat loss is lost through an uninsulated roof, over 30% through uninsulated walls, and 10% through uninsulated floors, this can have a significant impact on bills.

As a guide, typical loft insulation on property previously with no loft insulation could bring the following annual energy bills savings: Detached house – £580, Semi-detached house – £255, Mid-terrace house – £230 and Detached bungalow – £365.

Adding insulation can have a positive environmental impact bringing huge savings in terms of CO2 emissions.

Typical carbon dioxide savings (kgCo2/year) as suggested by the Energy Saving Trust are as follows:

Property type

Cavity wall 

Solid wall 

Solid floor












Mid terrace










Mid-floor flat





Insulation can be added in several different areas in the home, so it could be that you could benefit from installation in multiple locations. Depending on how old your building is, you may need to incorporate more or fewer insulation measures.

Some of the options for insulation include cavity wall insulation (usually for properties built since 1924), roof/loft insulation, solid wall insulation, and floor insulation.

Spray foam insulation is a liquid foam which is sprayed into position and sets into an insulating layer. It can have multiple insulating uses including in roofs, lofts, walls, and floors. Spray foam is generally more expensive than other types of insulation, but is usually more effective as an insulator.

Cost of insulation will depend on multiple different factors including the type of insulation you require as well as your type of property. As a rough guide, approximate costs for cavity wall insulation, for example, are as follows:

Detached house: £2,500

Semi-detached house: £1,200

Mid-terrace house: £620

Detached bungalow: £940

Mid-floor flat: £410

Customer Reviews

Matt Taylor
Read More
Really pleased with the work and our now insulated house. Andy and Sam made the installation process as painless as possible, and communicated really well throughout. Our old house threw up several problems for them, and these were all dealt with and solved expertly.
Susan Hartshorn
Read More
I had Rob and Sam to do my internal wall insulation, plastering and loft insulation in Cornwall, what two amazing lads, they were extremely hardworking very professional and very polite, everyday when they finished they cleared up after themselves, would highly recommend. I am totally satisfied with their high standard of workmanship.
Karen Booth
Read More
We have had Andy and Sam installing insulation in our house. They have been very professional, Excellent job done cleaning up after themselves thank you both for doing a great job.

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