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Up to £40,000 in Funding Available from GOV.UK

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Up to £40,000 in Funding Available from GOV.UK

Veterans who own their homes, or are private tenants, could qualify for a free insulation grant to help  them to heat their homes more efficiently, saving money on their energy bills and lowering the carbon emissions produced by their household. Under the government’s ECO scheme, if you are a veteran and are either in a low-income household of below £31,000, or are claiming an income-related benefit, you may be entitled to a grant that will cover the cost of installing high-quality insulation in your home. Under the terms of the scheme, it is the responsibility of main UK energy suppliers to provide the funding grants to cover the cost of fitting insulation in domestic low-income households.

There are certain benefits specifically relating to veterans that used to be part of the qualifying criteria during ECO3 but are not anymore under ECO4. However, even though you cannot qualify for those benefits with ECO4 there are many income-based benefits that you might be claiming which would make you eligible for a free insulation grant. Qualifying benefits for insulation grants through the current ECO scheme are listed below.

  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA)
  •  Income-related Employment Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Housing Benefit (now eligible under ECO4)
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit (now eligible under ECO4)

If you or anyone living permanently in your home is receiving one of the above benefits you could be entitled to an insulation grant. Even if you do not own your home, there is still an opportunity for you to apply for a grant if you are a privately renting tenant. As a veteran who is claiming one of the qualifying benefits, you would be the one to submit your application for funding, not your landlord, but you would still need their permission in order to go ahead with your grant request.

Why apply for insulation grants through the ECO4 scheme for veterans?

Installing high-quality insulation in your home will lead to noticeable savings on your annual heating bills. Exact numbers can vary from household to household depending on a range of factors including the age of your home, the type of insulation you are getting, the style of your property and more. However, in general, you can expect to save significant amounts on your energy bills. For example, up to £690 worth of energy can be saved with a cavity wall insulation grant and £590 if you opt for a loft insulation grant (based on figures from the Energy Saving Trust for a detached house and using fuel prices as of October 2022).

Another important benefit to installing insulation in your home is the reduction in carbon emissions, meaning your home will run more efficiently and be a better friend to the environment. This is because the insulation will prevent heat from escaping, making your house feel warmer and so you don’t need to put your heating on as frequently.

How can veterans join the ECO4 scheme?

If you’re a veteran who is claiming an income-related benefit or is in a household that has below £31,000, you could be eligible to apply to get insulation fitted in your property for free or at a heavily discounted price. Fill in some basic details on our website today to see if you could qualify for an insulation grant. 

Types of Insulation Available

There are many different types of insulation available to suit any home.

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Loft Insulation

One of the easiest ways to insulate your home quickly

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Spray Foam Insulation

Energy Efficient Expanding Foam Spray

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Insulation installed within the cavity space of your walls

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External Wall Insulation

Insulation installed externally outside the home

flat roof insulation icon

Flat Roof Insulation

Insulation installed for a range of flat roof buildings

internal wall insulation icon

Internal Wall Insulation

Retain your heat with effective internal insulation

party wall insulation icon

Party Wall Insulation

Insulation for walls between internal rooms

underfloor insulation icon

Underfloor Insulation

Insulation to minimise heat loss through the floor

Up to £40,000 in Funding Available from GOV.UK

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Why Are Households Installing Insulation?

There has never been a better time to take advantage of insulation funding grants 

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Up to £40,000 in Funding Available from GOV.UK

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