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Are there spray foam insulation grant schemes running now?

The latest version of the ECO scheme, ECO4, is open to new applicants. If you meet the eligibility criteria you could access a spray foam insulation government grant through this scheme. Keep in mind there are some changes in the eligibility criteria from ECO3 to the new ECO4, so be sure to check your eligibility with us before starting an application for a free insulation grant.

Which energy suppliers are offering spray foam grants?

Large energy providers  – considered those with 150,000+ customers – are obligated to offer energy efficient home improvement grants as part of the ECO scheme. However, the number of measures they will fund comes down to their share of the market, meaning smaller energy companies will typically have limited availability. Suppliers that are obligated to provide funding for the scheme include the likes of British Gas, E.ON, EDF Energy, Scottish Power, SSE, and Ovo,  plus a number of medium-sized providers.

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Who is eligible for spray foam insulation grants?

It is likely you will qualify for a grant if:

  • You are a homeowner (or in certain cases, are a private renter) and
  • You or someone in your household is claiming certain eligible benefits. Some examples include universal credit, pension credit, income support, and more.

You don’t need to be receiving benefits!

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How home insulation will work for you

Reduced energy consumption

Insulation will reduce heat loss in the home reducing your demand for heating.

Bill Savings

A better insulated home means huge savings on your heating bills.

Carbon footprint reduction

Be a greener household by reducing the environmental impact of your household.

Why Are Households Installing Insulation

There has never been a better time to take advantage of insulation funding grants 

Uninsulated homes experience significant heat loss

With rising energy costs, insulation can be one of the best ways to reduce your bills

Did you know…

The Climate Change Act has committed the UK to achieving net zero by 2050, compared to the previous target of an 80% reduction in emissions by 2050.

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